Federal Offense (2010) SPATIAL INSTALLATION

7 images, 204 words, 26.04.2023

This spatial work refers to the Olympic Games of 1972, which is exactly around the time I was born. It creates a link between a very personal event to a globally renowned sports event and political incident. The installation consists of three elements in the colors of the German flag: live vests spray-painted in black, red coffee tables and sliced golden decoration foil hanging from the ceiling like a curtain around the tables and the life vests. The work is entitled ’Federal Offense’ and it served as a stage for a performance during the vernissage in Munich. Three persons entered the exhibition space wearing the black life vests and stood up on the red tables. The setting resembled the situation of a sports award ceremony. The performers pulled simultaneously the cord and the vests were blown up. A short time later they left the scene. The life vests were installed on clothes hangers that hung down from the ceiling. The work was finally completed. With its color scheme, the golden curtain, the (dysfunctional) black live vests and the title “Federal Offense” this works discusses in a humoristic but also theatrical way questions of national identity. The installation was presented at the Kunsthalle Lothringer 13 in Munich.