Floating past the evidence of possibilities (2010) SPATIAL INSTALLATION

7 images, 148 words, 02.05.2023

This work compiles three different sculptural elements together in one installation: A pair golden colored trainers (Adidas S-72, designed for the Munich Olympics in 1972) with „democracy“ inscribed on the side, a jump suit colored with green spray paint, filled with long stripes of golden foil and four basketballs packed in black plastic chains hanging from the ceiling. "Floating past the evidence of possibilities" is a quote from Blondie’s song Always touched by your presence. Blondie here refers to a relationship to another person and how strong they are connected. In this work the three elements are also connected but their relation is somehow reversed. Formally it resembles also of a showroom setup or a locker room. At a closer look the seemingly familiar objects create an atmosphere of playfulness and desire but also of refusal, prohibition and abjection. The installation was exclusively shown once in a gallery in Berlin.