MS - Monumentum Silentium (2016) SPATIAL INSTALLATION

7 images, 134 words, 02.05.2023

The „silent monument“ was one of the contributions to the biannual Uckermark Festival in 2016. The festival allows a selected group of artists to engage in a dialogue of art and nature in public space. For this piece the seven meters high birdwatch-tower in Fergitz was completely covered with silver decoration curtains. On the top of the backside of the tower a photo banner displaying a pair of eyes was installed. Those were the eyes of Marinus Schöberl, a young boy from the neighboring village Potzlow, who was brutally murdered in 2002. Schöberl would be a grown man today. The monument granted the visitors an astonishing view into the nature and along with that, an appropriate way to, again, commemorate and mourn the loss of the young man. Photocredit: ©Matias Nicolas Franco @tessarphoto