the options are blocked (2009) SPATIAL INSTALLATION

7 images, 166 words, 26.04.2023

This installation was specially produced for back exit space of the Kunstbunker in Nuremberg. The floor of this eight square meter sized room was fully covered with white IKEA bath rugs. From the ceiling around a tube light were 1,5 meters long stripes of golden foil hanging down. The outline of the golden lamp shape resembled to the oval form of the rugs on the floor. A mobile phone was attached to one of the walls and every 5 minutes a sound was played. This sound piece consisted of ten different persons reading the safety instructions of the bath rug from the French IKEA website: Un tapis dont l’envers est caoutchouté vieillit plus vite lorsqu’il y a un chauffage au sol. The combination of the soft white floor covering, the golden shining light installation on the ceiling and the sound of the (French) voices transformed the claustrophobic atmosphere of the bunkerspace into a warm and welcoming space that invited the viewers to stay although “the options are blocked”.