Concept Store blackonwhite (2002-2008) CONCEPT-STORE INSTALLATION

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Concept Shop - blackonwhite from 2002 was an artistic translation of a then newly emerged marketing format in shop design: it became a spatial installation centered around eight icons out of mainstream US Hiphop and RnB music. It carried white clothing with black screen prints of the protagonists faces. Along with that, their biographies, music, video and additional sculptural works were on display in the “shop”. The color scheme was consistently “black and white”. This project is already "art-history" and should be viewed in context of the time it took place. Concept Shop 1 was presented at the ic-berlin! showroom in Berlin in 2002, as a mobile shop in the center of Amsterdam in 2003, and as a museum version at Badischer Kunstverein in Karlsruhe in 2008.