h.p.c. - homophobic (2004) CONCEPTUAL T-SHIRTS

11 images, 108 words, 27.04.2023

As one of the projects realized during a residency at Johannesburg’s Bag Factory, h.p.c. combined clothing, screen printing and logo design. Black t-shirts with three different golden h.p.c. screen printed logos, were worn by male members of Johannesburg black LGBTIQ+ community during the opening of our residency exhibition. Beforehand the project included a “mapping” of LGBTIQ+ youth in Johannesburg. The participants were cast at local hairdresser shop "Jay's Golden Scissors" in Hillbrow, a mainly residential part of Johannesburg downtown. A special thank to Simone and everybody involved for the trust in me and for taking part in a daring project! H.P.C. was shown at the Bag Factory Johannesburg.