Conjuration Coating (2011) TEXTILE SCULPTURE

9 images, 138 words, 27.04.2023

"Conjuration Coating" is a (textile) sculptural work that is installed and finally completed in a performance. It consists of an overcoat that is laminated with white silkscreen paint and subsequently painted in black and partly red. The coat is prolonged with shredded parts of a rainbow flag seamed all around the edges. On the shoulder part and sleeves big stripes of golden mirror foil are attached and hang down the outstretched sleeves. Both sides of the closure part are bordered with yellow cable ties from top to the bottom. The coat’s collar is extended with a parts of a praying carpet. The performance was accompanied by a musical improvisation on the German anthem played live on the embassy’s grand piano. This piece was part of the exhibition "New German Art" at the German embassy in London in 2010.